Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Free For All

Who needs a birthday when you can have a birthmonth?!  I love coupons and I love free stuff.  Hence, I love birthday clubs.  I've signed up for who knows how many of those things, and it pays off when April comes around every year!  With that said, some birthday clubs are better than others.  A few of my favorites are Jason's Deli, Tucanos, Rubio's, and Noodles & Company.  Tucanos sends you a coupon for a free churrasco (buffet) with the purchase of a churrasco.  Jason's Deli gives you a $5 gift certificate good towards any purchase.  (I usually get a dessert with that one!)  Rubio's gives you a free meal, no purchase necessary.  Noodles gives you a free bowl of noodles, no purchase necessary for that one either.  I used the Noodles one today for Pesto Cavatappi with Parmesan Crusted Chicken.

Mmmmm.  It's amazing.  I highly recommend it if you've never tried it before.  Even the leftovers tonight were good!!  I think it tasted even better knowing it was free!  So you can see why I enjoy the month of April!  Birthday celebrations all month long!   

After taking the Mister's Sister to the airport yesterday, Baby P and I took a trip to the City Creek Center for a bit of happy birthday me shopping.  This shopping experience is brought to you courtesy of the Mister and the Baby Sister.  Words cannot describe my excitement when I opened a card from the Baby Sister last week with a gift card to H&M enclosed.  She knows me well!!  I was able to combine my gift card with a 20% off coupon to score a couple of great pieces!!  Thank you to the Baby Sister!!  I can't wait to wear them!!

For some strange reason, the Mister has this crazy idea that I'm hard to shop for, so he usually gives me money and lets me do the shopping for myself.  Not a bad arrangement if you ask me!  J.Crew is taking an extra 30% off of all of their sale items right now, so I picked up this fabulous pair of ballet flats that were originally $128 for $50 after the sale and additional % off.   My thanks to the Mister!!


To top it off, I stopped off at Rubio's on my way home and enjoyed my free birthday meal!  Thank you birthday clubs!


  1. Yayyyy for free stuff and good deals!!! I've been slacking on blogging so I have a lot to catch up on :) Also, cute shoes!

  2. We do the Tucanos, and both kev and I have December birthdays, so we always eat there twice that month!