Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guess Who

Today was Biography Day for Little Miss M.  She's been keeping the person she chose from her classmates for over a month now.  Do you know how hard it is for a third grader to keep a secret for a month?  Secret keeping is not one of her strong points by any means.  Case in point, I tell Little Miss M not to tell the Mister we went shopping and not more than five minutes later, she's showing him what we bought!  Well folks, I am proud to say that this secret she kept indeed.  

As part of the Biography Day festivities, Little Miss M got to dress up like the person she chose.  For the last month, she's been so kind as to give daily reminders and a countdown until Biography Day.  Mom, don't forget there are only 30 days left until Biography Day.  I need a costume.  Mom, did you forget there is only one day left until Biography Day?  I need a costume.  My little worrier...  What little faith she has in me.  Doesn't she know that I got an A+ in procrastination?  Yes, my friends, I waited until last night to get that costume of hers done.  What can I say, I work well under pressure!  At 7:30 last night, Little Miss M, Baby P, and I took a little tripsy to our friendly local Savers.  One horrendous polyester pleated skirt and $4.99 later we were on our way to the trusty ol' Dollar Tree for spectacles.  After some nipping and tucking, that horrendous skirt was transformed into a horrendous dress and her costume was complete!

Off my little secret keeper went to school this morning.  With her she carried a list of three clues to share with her classmates.  From these clues, they were supposed to try and guess who she was.  Are you ready for the clues? 

1.  She was born April 12, 1916.
2.  She had a husband.
3.  She's still living.

Any takers?  That's right!  Beverly Cleary, well-beloved children's author and librarian.  Not really sure how you would dress like an author, so we took the librarian route.  Would you believe that not a single person could guess who my Little Miss M was?  With that amazing costume and clues like those, I can't imagine why!  Wasn't it so obvious?  She was quite proud of herself for stumping the class.  I must say, I'm pretty proud of her myself!

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  1. Beverly Cleary is one of my most favorite authors :) Kenz looks cute